Education and Diversity: On the Way to Social Inclusion

The Stream aims at enabling a discussion of international education experts on implementation of social inclusion and increase of quality and equity in education.

Against the backdrop of demographic developments and today’s intensified focus on the “knowledge society”, the promotion of equal access to education has become a priority both at EU level and in our partner countries in South Eastern Europe. In this context, a shift is becoming apparent, away from measures aimed at giving support to individual disadvantaged groups and towards the holistic approach of “social inclusion”, i.e. giving the best possible support to every individual, communicating the importance of dealing with diversity and difference in a way that emphasises their value and potential, and removing barriers to access and participation. 

Based on recent research and the experience of experts from more than 10 countries, this stream will focus on different approaches to enhancing the inclusiveness of education. The participants will analyse the impact of inclusive practices up to now, especially on the teaching/learning environment (school culture, interaction between schools and the community) and teaching/learning processes (organisation of these processes, individual progress of students). Based on key findings from research, the stream will provide an open forum in which researchers and practitioners can exchange their experiences, taking examples of inclusive practices in the various countries as a starting point for discussion.

The objective is to contribute to the peer learning and exchange of experience among experts initiated in the recent regional conference on “Policy Development and Monitoring for Quality and Equity in Education” in the framework of ERI SEE (Education Reform Initiative of South Eastern Europe) and the consultation process facilitated by ETF on “Promoting Inclusive Education”.

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